Semi-Private Fitness Training

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Maximize your results while enjoying the best of both private training and group classes with our semi-private sessions of 6 people only!

Our training is made of:


Functional movements that easily translate to your every day life or your favorite sport is the foundation of our training.


Power lifting makes up a small but important part of our training so you can see progress in muscular development, strength, and raw power.


Bodybuilding helps round out our training to create symmetry and enhance those desirable aesthetics.


Conditioning finishers keep you athletic, agile, and heart healthy.

FULL MEMBERS train with a personalized program of weight lifting goals every week in the major barbell lifts.

Not to sure about a handling a barbell? Nothing to fear!

Our small group training allows us to progress people to the barbell once their form is really good and they are moving well.

A typical training session looks like:

Every session starts with an activation set so you can get the most your of your workout. The following sets consist of some combination of: strength and power, hypertrophy, and functional training. Most sessions finish with conditioning. With mobility and stretching sprinkled in throughout all trainings.

Expect Individualized attention to learn and doing the movements correctly, a positive community environment focused on improving, and plan on finishing your workout feeling better than when you walked in.

San Diego Concentric Fit | Mira Mesa | Sorrento Valley | Fitness, Jiu Jitsu, and Wellness


Experience the Concentric Fit difference and see for yourself why we have a 5 star standing on Google.

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San Diego Concentric Fit | Mira Mesa | Sorrento Valley | Fitness and Jiu Jitsu